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Ivy Edu provides end-to-end support

Advising students to successfully enter the college entrance is just one part of our story. Our goal is to assist students to recognize their interests, passions and ambitions to become the person they desire to be. That is the full story. Recognizing the goal, we designed the programs to help students explore themselves and achieve their goals for future studies. 

Grade 9 – Mentorship & IELTS, TOEFL Test Prep combined 

  • Establishing a strong foundation in high school
  • Advising students on pathways for general educational background, English tests for international students such as IELTS, TOEFL, summer camps in dream schools
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Grade 10 – Mentorship & SAT Test Prep combined

  • Targeting the profile
  • Assisting with academic and extracurricular planning as well as personal development
  • Driving substantial profile development and executive functioning skills
  • SAT test bank
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Grade 11 – Mentorship & SAT Test Prep combined

  • Detailed attention to optimization and achievement
  • Preparing college admissions applications documents (essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities…)
  • SAT test bank
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Grade 12 – College Application Program

  • Advising schools which are tailored with student’s interests and capability
  • Choosing a list of schools and translating the profile through applications
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